About Tom Galis

There are a lot of people who care about food, talk about it, cook it, sell it, and write about it. Everybody, it seems, has an opinion on everything when it comes to food. Sometimes it’s hard to stand out — especially when he who talks loudest, more outrageously or more frequently is often he who gets the most notice.

Aside from New York food industry insiders, few know Tom Galis. Yet his is a quintessentially New York success story, and he  — more than many realize — has played an important role in shaping the way that New Yorkers eat. If you’ve ever dined in a Goodburger, Café Metro, Oxford Café, Food Merchants or Food Exchange, chances are that it’s one that Tom Galis created. He knows how people eat in New York: Tom got his start selling hot dogs from his family’s cart in Times Square, and since then has opened some 30 eating establishments in the city over the past dozen years. He branded Fresh & Co., founded Crave Sandwiches, and brought Peter’s Rotisserie Chicken to Manhattan, to name a few.


Through the years, Tom has been at the forefront of the changing trends in the New York food service industry, such as the “Create Your Own” Salad and Pasta Bars that are now commonplace. He helped kick off the frenzy of quality inexpensive burgers when he launched Goodburger in 2005. The New York Times and others raved, and Goodburger rapidly expanded to a total of six restaurants in Manhattan. Of course, in the end the primary reason for Tom’s success with all of his ventures is the uniqueness of the brand, the quality of the menu, and the thought he puts into presenting what he and many fans believe is not just good food, but the best food in the city.

With the founding of Galis Company, Tom's mission is to bring his unique perspective and expertise to helping other restauranteurs become successful in the competitive — yet exciting — Manhattan marketplace. Few can match his experience, but now you can benefit from it. Galis Company operates by a following a few guiding principles to insure a successful relationship between the company, its clients, and their customers:


Integrity • Quality • Class • Service


More than anything else, Tom Galis is a true New Yorker, and his is a real New York success story. Call or email today to find out how Galis Company can be your secret weapon in helping to build a successful brand in the greatest city in the world.

Tom Galis, founder and CEO of Galis Company